Google Analytics provides a powerful set of tools to helps you collect and measure useful information about the traffic on your websites. We've built an integration that lets you do this with your Wrk job board.

By using Google Analytics with Wrk job boards, you can learn how many people are visiting your job board, where they came from, and what jobs they're viewing. This can lead to valuable insights that can influence your decisions in how you promote your job openings.

In this article, we'll cover the steps involved in getting the Google Analytics integration set up in Wrk.

The Google Analytics home page

Getting a Google Analytics tracking ID

If you've never used Google Analytics before, the first step will be to go to Google Analytics to set up your account. They'll take you through a quick 3-step process where you provide some basic information on the following topics.

  • Account setup

  • What do you want to measure?

  • Property setup

On the second step, "What do you want to measure", ensure that you select "Web".

The What do you want to measure screen in Google Analytics setup

On the third step, 'Property setup', make sure you enter the url for your Wrk job board. It should be similar to "" but instead of "company-name" it matches your job board slug.

The Property Setup form in Google Analytics

After completing the three-step flow and accepting the terms, you'll be taken to a screen that shows your Tracking ID. It should start with "UA" and contain a series of additional numbers and dashes. Copy it to your clipboard and head to Wrk to finish the setup.

Adding your tracking ID to Wrk

In Wrk, go to your Google Analytics settings page. It can be found within "Account settings" under the "Integrations" section.

The Google Analytics configuration screen in Wrk

Once there, just paste in your Universal Analytics Tracking ID into the field provided and click "Save changes". Your tracking is then added to you job board. Now, when prospective candidates visit your job board, they'll show up in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Google provides lots of great resources at their Analytics Academy that cover all the details in using the Google Analytics dashboard effectively.

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