In Wrk there are three different user roles: Owner, Admin, and Member. We'll run through what each role is and then cover how to assign them to users.

The Wrk user roles


A company in Wrk has a single Owner. By default, it is the person who first set up the organization. It's the highest user level and has full permissions within Wrk.

  • The Owner cannot be deactivated by any user.

  • The Owner's email address is the default email address for the organization.

  • The Owner must invite at least the first additional user to the organization team, since no other user can be added to the organization without an invitation.

  • The Owner may assign the role of Admin to an additional user.

  • If the Owner chooses not to assign the role of Admin to any other user, then the Owner will be the only user with Admin permissions - listed more fully below.

To reassign who is the Owner, please contact Wrk support via chat or email.


A company in Wrk can have multiple Admins to manage the job board, job posts, and users in Wrk. They are generally individuals who require visibility across all job posts. By default the Owner has all Admin permissions.

  • They can purchase Wrk subscriptions and configure billing.

  • They have access to all jobs and can create new jobs.

  • They can configure and purchase job post distribution.

  • They can invite new users and can set user roles.

  • They can deactivate Admin and Member users.

  • They can assign users to a job's hiring team.


Members are the most restricted users of Wrk. They are generally individuals who only require access to a limited number of job posts.

  • They only have access to jobs in which they have been assigned as a hiring team member.

  • They can publish job posts they are assigned to.

  • The can create organization wide message templates and review templates.

  • They cannot purchase job post distribution.

  • They cannot invite new users or set user roles.

  • They cannot assign users to a job's hiring team.

  • They cannot configure billing

Setting user roles

The Owner or Admins can set user roles for Wrk users. This is done from the Team Management screen located within Account Settings.

A role is initially assigned to users as part of the invitation. You can learn more about inviting team members here.

Additionally, assigned roles for existing team members can be adjusted using the dropdown next to each members name.

Note that the current logged in Admin cannot change their own role. This is to safeguard them from accidentally removing their own permissions.

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