As candidates apply to your job posts, they appear in Wrk. There are lots of features to help manage these candidates as they progress through your hiring process, we'll run through all the basics here.

Hiring stages

Each job created in Wrk has multiple hiring stages for keeping track of candidates as they move through your hiring process. The stages are:

  • Inbox

  • Screen

  • Interview

  • Decide

  • Offer

  • Archived

The stages are visible within each job, in the left-most column. You can click into each stage to view the candidates within it.

A job page in Wrk with the hiring stages navigation highlighted

When candidates initially apply, their information appears in the Inbox stage. From there, to keep track of their progress, they can be advanced to the other consecutive stages or archived.

Candidate profiles

You can click on an candidate within a hiring stage to view that candidates profile.

A candidate stage in Wrk with the candidate list highlighted

A candidates profile contains their information along with various tools to manage that individual candidate.

The left column of a candidate profile contains basic information about the candidate and a set of actions that can be taken to manage the profile.

A candidate profile in Wrk with the candidate details highlighted

Additionally, there are navigation links to each content section within the candidate profile: Application, Resume, Messages, and Document.


The Application section displays the candidates responses to any custom questions that were added to the job's application form.

The application section of a candidate profile in Wrk

This would normally contain content like cover letters, answers to questions specific to the role, or any additional information your organization requires from the candidate.


If a candidate supplied a resume with their application, it can be viewed from the Resume section of their profile.

The resume section of a candidate profile in Wrk

Additionally, you can download the resume, upload a new resume, or replace an existing resume.


The Messages section is where you can exchange messages with the candidate. As messages are exchanged, the full conversation is displayed in chronological order.

The messages section of a candidate profile in Wrk

When you send a message to a candidate, it is delivered to them via the email they provided in their application. When they respond to the email, their replies are presented in the feed.

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Within the Document section, you can view the candidate's hiring document. This document is initially created as a copy of the job's document template that can found in Job setup.

The document section of a candidate profile in Wrk

The candidate's hiring document is a highly-flexible way to keep on-going notes about the candidate or their progress.

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