If you find yourself sending the same message over and over to multiple candidates, you can create a message template to make the process much more efficient.

Creating a message template

The primary way to create a message is from within the Message templates section in Account settings.

On the Message templates screen, you'll see a list of previously created templates. You can add a new one by clicking the "Add a template" button below the list. This will open the Create new template form for authoring a new template.

Here, you can enter a name and message body for the template.

You can add placeholders to the template that will be dynamically filled when you use the message. These exist for candidate first name, candidate full name, job title, sender first name, sender full name, and organization name.

You can insert these variables into the template body using the labeled buttons directly below the Template body input field.

Once you've added the message content, click "Create template" to save it. It will then be available for use.

Managing message templates

Once you've created some message templates, you can manage them from the list displayed in the Message templates section within Account settings.

You can drag-and-drop templates in the list to re-order them. This will effect the order they will appear when selecting one for use.

Additionally, you can edit or delete message templates by selecting an action from the three-dot overflow action menu for each individual template.

Using a message template

When sending a message to a candidate, you can choose to generate the message content using a message template. To do this, click the "Use template" button on the Messages screen.

This will open a modal for selecting the template to use. When you select a template from the drop-down, a preview of the message will appear.

Clicking the "Select" button will insert the message into the messages window with the placeholders populated with the values for the current candidate and job.

The Messages screen in Wrk with a message populated and ready to send

You can make additional edits to the message content before sending if needed.

Creating a template from a sent message

You can quickly create a template from a sent message by clicking the three-dot action overflow button and selecting "Create template" from the dropdown.

This will open the Create new template form with the message pre-populated. You can easily edit the message, add placeholders where needed, and name the template.

Clicking "Create template" will then save the new template for use later in any job your organization creates.

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