Once a job post is published, you can still have control over whether it displays on your job board or not. Hiding a job post is a good way to stop inbound applications for a job as the application form will no longer be publicly accessible.

From the main job list, you can hide a published job by selecting "Hide job post" from within the three-dot action overflow menu.

This will hide job post on your company job board. A hidden job post can be made visible again by selecting "Make post visible" from the same three-dot action overflow menu.

Job visibility can also be controlled from within the Job setup screen for an individual job. A "Hide job post" button is visible in for any job that is currently published and visible on your job board.

When a job post is hidden, the button changes to "Make post visible" and a banner is displayed at the top of the page indicating the current status of the job.

Hiding a job post is a flexible way to quickly toggle what jobs are displayed on your job board. The job post may no longer be public, but the job remains published and a link to the job post can be given to potential applicants. To permanently remove a job post from your job board, archiving it may be a more appropriate.

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