Whenever a new candidate applies or another hiring team member takes action on an existing candidate application, a notification is created to keep everyone updated on what happened. These notification will appear within the Notification hub for review.

Viewing notifications

You can access the Notification hub by clicking the bell icon in the upper right of the application, next to the dropdown user menu. If you have unread notifications, a red dot will be visible on the icon.

When opening the Notification hub, all your notifications will be displayed in a single list, in chronological order.

The notification hub in Wrk

Each notification is labeled with the candidate it occurred for, the type of notification, and the name of the corresponding job. The different notification types are:

  • New candidates: when a new application is submitted for a job

  • New message: when a message is sent by a candidate or hiring team member

  • Document updates: when a hiring team member makes changes to a hiring document

A user will only see notifications that occur within jobs they are assigned to as a hiring team member.

Notification list filters

The list of notifications can be filtered to only show notification of a certain type or for an individual job. To do this, select the filter you wish to apply from the left column.

The notification hub in Wrk with the list filters highlighted

When clicking a filter, the notification list will update to only show the notifications that relate to the filter that was selected.

Each filter with a number representing the number of notifications that are of that type. This allows you to easily see what activity has occurred before clicking into each individual filter.

Taking action on notifications

When a notification is initially received, it is marked with a red dot, indicating that it is "unread". Clicking on a notification will take you to it's corresponding content and the red dot will change to a gray dot, indicating that it has been "read".

Notifications can be dismissed by clicking on the "Dismiss" button that is available for each. This will remove the notification from the list.

The notification hub in Wrk with a notification's dismiss button highlighted

Additionally, each notification can be manually marked as "read" or reverted to "unread" by selecting that action from its three-dot action overflow menu.

Bulk actions can be performed on notifications by selecting an action from the three-dot action overflow menu located above the list, in the top-right corner of the page.

The notification hub in Wrk with the bulk actions highlighted

These actions will be applied to every notification in the currently displayed list.

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