Hiring teams provide a way for Admins to control what jobs users have access to in Wrk. By default, a user with the role of Member does not have access to any jobs. They must be added to a job's hiring team to be able to view and interact with it.

Being on a job's hiring team means the following:

  • The job becomes visible in the user's job list for easy access

  • The user can edit the job

  • The user can interact with that job's candidates

  • They user can receive notifications for that job

You can view a job's hiring team by viewing the Hiring team section within Job setup.

Adding a hiring team member

When a job is first created, the Admin who created it is automatically assigned to the hiring team. To add additional hiring team members, click the 'Add team member' button located below the member list. This will open a form for selecting which member to add.

Select a user from the dropdown and click 'Add to team'. The user will be added to the jobs hiring team and they will receive an email letting them know about the assignment.

Adding a pending member to a hiring team

Adding a member who has not yet accepted their email invitation to the organization allows admins to expedite their workflow, since they do not have to wait on the invited user to register.

The email address used to invite a user to the organization will appear on the dropdown menu for adding hiring team members.

Select the email address and 'Add to team' and the user will appear on the hiring team list as the email address with the text "Organization invite sent--not yet accepted" below.

Once the user accepts the invitation to the organization and registers, the user will appear on the hiring team list as a normal hiring team member.

Removing a hiring team member

To remove a hiring team member, select 'Remove from team' from the three dot, action overflow menu for that team member.

When a team member is removed from a job, if they have the Member user role, they will no longer be able to access that job from their job list.

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