We occasionally run promotions where you can use a code to apply a discount to your Wrk subscription. This article will quickly run through how to use a code.

Start your free trial

Before you can apply a code, you'll need to have an active subscription set up. This means starting your free trial if you have not yet done so. You can do this by publishing your first job.

The start your free trial prompt within Wrk

Once you have an active subscription, you'll be able to enter your promo code on the Plan & billing screen within Account management.

Enter your code

You can enter your promo code by selecting Use promo code from the dropdown menu located on your subscription overview within Plan & billing.

Please note: this dropdown is only available if you have not yet used a promo code.

The use promo code option available on the plan & billing screen in Wrk

After selecting Use promo code, a form will be displayed that allows you to input and apply the code.

The use promo code form in Wrk

After submitting a valid promo code, you'll then see the discount applied to your subscription back on the Plan & billing screen. A description of the active promo code is displayed along with details about the discount and duration.

An active promo shown on the plan & billing screen in Wrk

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