By default, all Wrk job boards live at However, if you have another domain you would like to use, you can configure your job board to be displayed there as well. This allows you to treat your Wrk job board as an extension of your website.

Define your custom domain

The first step in configuring your custom domain is to define it within Wrk. This is done on the job board custom domain screen within the job board section of account settings.

Enter the custom domain you would like to use. It should be defined as a subdomain of a domain you own. Some common examples would be or

After entering a custom domain, hit save changes and the page will update to show a generated CNAME and a status message.

Create a custom CNAME record

Copy the generated CNAME to your clipboard and go to your DNS provider’s website (e.g. GoDaddy or Cloudflare). If you’re choosing one for the first time, go with one that supports SSL.

Your DNS provider should have a section on their site where you can edit custom resource records. There, you'll need to create a new resource record for your Wrk job board custom domain.

  • Make sure the resource record type is CNAME

  • The record name needs to be the first part of your custom domain (e.g. if your custom domain is, use jobs).

  • The record's name/value needs to be the CNAME value that was generated earlier in Wrk.

After you've created and saved the new custom resource record, it could take anywhere from a couple minutes to a day for the changes to propagate across the internet.

Checking the custom domain status

As your new custom resource record goes live, you can check the status from within Wrk. Clicking the refresh button will update the status.

Initially, the SSL certificate status will display as failing as the custom resource record update is taking effect. As a reminder, this can take anywhere from a couple minutes to a day to be completed.

Once the custom resource record has gone fully live, the status will change to Cert issued.

At this point, your custom domain will be fully functioning. Navigating to the custom domain in your web browser should display your Wrk job board. Additionally, all the view job board and view job post links within Wrk will now take you to your custom domain instead of the default one, however, all the original links to will continue to work as they did before.

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