When conducting candidate reviews, it's generally good practice to structure them in a way that creates consistency from candidate to candidate. There are various methods that can be used to facilitate this including interview scripts and standardized sets of questions.

Review templates in Wrk exist as a flexible way to create reusable content that can be utilized while providing feedback on a candidate.

Creating a review template

Review templates can be created by users with the role of owner or admin. They are created and managed within account settings from the review templates section.

The review template settings screen within Wrk. The template list is empty.

From there you can see a list of all previously created review templates. You can drag-and-drop items in the list to reorder them. The order displayed will affect the order they are listed when selecting one for user.

You can create a new template by clicking the add a template button. A modal will display, allowing you to input content for the template.

The create new template modal within review template settings.

Input a title and add content, then click create template to save it.

The review template settings screen in Wrk with a single template in the list.

Your new template will then be visible in the list and available for use by other users within your organization.

Updating or deleting a template

Options for managing a template are accessible via the three dot dropdown menu for the corresponding template.

The template management dropdown for an individual review template.

The edit template option will open a modal, allowing you to make changes to the title and content. The delete template option will permanently remove the template from the list.

Using review templates

When a user conducts a candidate review, they can easily insert content from review template into their draft. This is done by clicking the insert template button within the editor.

The review kit screen in Wrk with an empty feedback document.

A modal will display allowing the user to select a review template and preview the content.

The insert review template modal within a Wrk review kit.

Clicking select template will add the content of the template to the current review document.

The review kit screen in Wrk with a populated feedback document.

The content is fully editable allowing for it to be modified, deleted, or further built upon. Additional templates can be inserted as well.

Review templates in Wrk are built to be a highly-flexible system that allow for feedback outlines, modular question sets, and other reference content to be used across all your hiring efforts.

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