If your organization relies on Discord for team communication and coordination, you can configure Wrk to notify a channel whenever a new job application is received. The full candidate application is displayed, making it easy to review and discuss without having to switch apps.

In this article, we'll cover the steps involved in getting the Discord integration set up in Wrk.

Connecting your Discord server

In Wrk, go to your Discord settings page. It can be found within "Account settings" under the "Integrations" section. You'll need to have the role of admin to access this page.

The Discord integration settings page within Wrk account settings

Click the "connect to Discord" button to start the process. You'll be taken to a Discord page to review and grant the required permissions. You'll need to also select the correct server from the dropdown. If you are not signed into Discord within your browser, you will be instructed to do that first.

The Discord authorization screen when connecting Wrk

After authorization, you'll be returned to the Discord configuration page in Wrk. There, you can now select which channel you would like to publish new candidate applications to.

The Discord integration setting page in Wrk after connecting a Discord server

Any new job applications you receive will now be shared within the server channel you selected.

Disconnecting your Discord server

To disconnect your Slack workspace, simply click the "Disconnect Discord" button. After confirmation, Wrks access to your Discord server will be revoked and new job application notifications will no longer be shared.

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